New ACUVUE® Campaign Encourages Gen Z to Take a Social Media Break with #MyVisionMySight


Inspiring young creators join Where Vision Meets Sight social media campaign to support young people to pause their scrolling and pursue their purpose, vision, and dreams.

JACKSONVILLE, FL – May 4, 2023 – The ACUVUE® brand today announced the Where Vision Meets Sight social media campaign (#MyVisionMySight) that partners with Gen Z to take social media breaks to not only give their eyes a rest, but also recognize the impact screen time is having in their lives. Through inspiring young creators, the campaign encourages Gen Z to close their apps and use their newfound time to clarify their vision for their lives, whether that's becoming a beauty influencer, focusing on athletics or embracing their unique talents.

“I was able to slow down time and really take in each moment. Being on social media 24/7 always puts me in a very overwhelmed and anxious state of mind, so it was so refreshing to put my phone down and see life from a clearer perspective. Every moment felt more meaningful,” says ACUVUE® influencer and film student, Amber Alexander. “I’m often so caught up in the world of social media that I forget I’m a real person who deserves time for self-care. During my social media break, I realized how deeply I needed time to journal, meditate, and cook nourishing foods for myself so that I could truly feel refreshed.”

Digital device use has increased in the last few years. Across the board, adults are now spending 13+ hours a day on digital devices, a 35% increase since 2019.1 Social media is not only consuming people’s time, but also it could be taking a toll on our eyes. When looking at a digital screen, you blink 60% less, which can destabilize the tear film, impacting comfort and vision.2,3

“Living in the digital age presents unique challenges for our eyes and this evolving world requires evolving eye care,” says Danielle Richardson, OD, West Coast Director of Clinical Care at Zak and Johnson & Johnson Vision consultant.* “It’s important to provide a personalized eye care experience using an arsenal of the latest optometric technologies like blue-violet light filtering lenses. And of course, taking a break can give you time to reflect on how screen time and social media may be affecting your lifestyle and overall well-being.”

“Social media has boomed over the last decade, and we often fail to recognize its profound effects on our day-to-day lives. Gen Z has grown up with social media, so we tapped into Gen Z influencers to unpack its effects and set an example,” says Nancy Sabin, Head of North America Marketing and Connected Commerce at Johnson & Johnson Vision. “Through their eyes, we offer perspectives on how social media might be affecting their vision and, more importantly, how they envision their future. We hope to inspire positive change through this campaign. In addition, I’m proud of #mycompany in how we are responding to the needs of digitally intense lifestyles through innovation within our ACUVUE® portfolio.”

There is so much to see outside of our phones and with ACUVUE®, you can view the world. Get inspired and learn more on the ACUVUE® Where Vision Meets Sight page.



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* Danielle Richardson, OD, is a paid consultant of Johnson & Johnson Vision, Inc.
† Filtering of HEV light by contact lenses has not been demonstrated to confer any health benefit to the user, including but not limited to retinal protection, protection from cataract progression, reduced eye strain, improved contrast, improved acuity, reduced glare, improved low light vision, or improved circadian rhythm/sleep cycle. The Eye Care Professional should be consulted for more information
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1 COVID-19: Screen Time spikes to over 13 hours per day according to Eyesafe Nielsen estimates, published 3/28/20,
2 Tsubota K, Nakamori K. Dry eyes and video display terminals. N Engl J Med. 1993;328(8):584. doi:10.1056/NEJM199302253280817.
3 Patel S, Henderson R, Bradley L, et al. Effect of visual display unit use on blink rate and tear stability. Optom Vis Sci 1991;68(11):888-892. doi: 10.1097/00006324-199111000-00010.