A Call to Modernize the Contact Lens Rule in 2020

A Call to Modernize the Contact Lens Rule in 2020

Our support for legislation

While the FTC finalized important actions to promote patient safety and accurate prescription dispensing, the Final Contact Lens Rule missed a critical opportunity to modernize the prescription verification process by eliminating robocalls.

Johnson & Johnson Vision supported the Contact Lens Modernization Act, which would remove so-called “signed acknowledgement” requirements—replacing paperwork with posted signage—and eliminate robocalls as a permissible form of contact lens prescription verification. Over 400 advocates sent more than 900 letters to the U.S. Senate in support of this legislation—building significant momentum to continue advocating for this issue.

The Contact Lens Rule is in effect as of April 1, 2021, but there are still opportunities to work together.

Our work to address key eye health issues and reduce paperwork burdens for eye care professionals has never been more important, and we now have an opportunity to make significant strides together.